Sagging Ceiling Repair

We provide quality sagging ceiling repair services throughout the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia including Denmark, Mount Barker, Albany, Bunbury, and Esperance. With many years’ worth of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we are the ceiling contractors to choose from. Contact our friendly team directly on 0433 653 333.

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Are Your Ceilings Sagging?

Need urgent sagging ceiling repair? Sagging ceilings are undoubtedly ugly to look at and that may be reason alone to get them fixed but the threat they can pose is much more than just aesthetic preferences. If left unattended, ceiling sags could lead to the entire ceiling needing to be replaced and potentially even ceiling collapse. This could lead to a much more expensive repair job and could endanger your loved ones in the meantime. As such, it is important that you call an expert straightaway when you notice sags in your ceiling so that they can assess the situation. Don’t wait for your ceiling to cave in, contact Southern Ceiling Repairs to keep your ceilings in good condition and your family safe.

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What Causes Ceilings Sagging?

Before fixing any damage, it’s important that you know why your ceiling needs repairs in the first place. There are numerous sagging ceiling causes that can potentially be the reason you need plaster ceiling repair. If the root cause is still present, the repairs won’t be as effective, and the sags will likely return. As such, it is important to make sure that the underlying problem is addressed. Here are some of the most common things that cause ceiling sags:

Water Damage

This is often the number one reason for ceiling sags. A water damaged ceiling can be caused for a variety of reasons, whether that’s roof leaks, faulty appliances, or flooded bathrooms.


Pests like termites can become major problems if they are not detected early. They typically originate from underneath your property but can quickly work their way up to the ceiling. 

Poor Ventilation

This is related to water damage, damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms require good ventilation to ensure that the room does not have too much moisture.

Poor workmanship

Unfortunately, not every professional is a good one. If a contractor lacks the necessary skills and experience, they may not provide the quality services necessary and cause problems like sagging ceilings later on.

How Much Does It Cost to Sagging Ceiling Repair?

So what does it cost to fix a sagging ceiling? The cost really depends on the extent of damage and we always provide quotes that are tailored to your specific issue. Upon inspecting the damage, we’ll give you our quote which will be obligation free and very competitive. Obviously repairing the ceiling is much cheaper than pulling it down and replacing it. It might be worth some time to call your insurance company if you haven’t already. By doing so, you could be able to claim some if not all of the sagging ceiling repair cost.

Why Choose Us?

If your ceiling is beginning to sag, you should definitely get in touch with our team at Southern Ceiling Repairs. We are reliable, affordable and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. We have the skills and experience needed to diagnose the root cause and fix the problem in no time. Whether we find condensation problems in your roof cavity or notice leaking areas on the roof, we can help you fix this issue as we also offer a complete roof and ceiling repairs service. Contact our friendly team today, and we’ll get your sagging ceilings looking great again.