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Southern Ceiling Repairs are your ceiling repairs Bunbury experts. Our professional team has been performing quality ceiling repairs and installations in the local area for many years. If you’re looking for the best…

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…then call us first.

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Common Ceiling Problems

As your premier choice for ceiling repairs Bunbury, we have the skills and the expertise to resolve all common ceiling issues. These include things like:

The worst-case scenario is a collapsed ceiling, often caused by water leaks in the roof cavity. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a major event. Call us in at the first sign of problems with your ceiling.

Flaking paint, stained plasterboard, and discolouration are all indicators of a water leak. So too is a sagging ceiling. Even those innocuous fine lines and cracks could be indicators of bigger problems to come.

Call us in for an inspection of your ceiling and the roof cavity. We’ll make an assessment and provide the appropriate solution. We are ceiling solutions Bunbury repair specialists. Get a free quote today.

Quality Gyprock Ceiling Repairs and Installations Bunbury

While there might be a number of brands of plasterboard that can do an adequate job, we use and trust the Gyprock brand.

Why? Because we believe it’s simply the best and a brand we can rely on and trust. It’s the perfect fit for all ceiling repair jobs as well as new and replacement ceiling installations. Gyprock tends to outlast all other brands. It’s very versatile and offers the smoothest finish. Think of us first for a quality Gyprock installer Bunbury.

Gyprock installation process in Bunbury

Cost of Ceiling Repair in Bunbury

It’s not possible to give exact prices within this article on the various costs of ceiling repair fixes, but what we can tell you is that we always strive to offer our valued customers the best price while providing high-quality services and materials.

We not only plan to meet your expectations, but exceed them, and that’s why we keep our prices competitive.

Why Choose Southern Ceiling Repair?

Southern Ceiling repair specializes in both ceiling installations and all ceiling repairs. Our professionalism and experience make us your premier choice for:

In fact, we cover a service area from Southern Western Australia right through to the Northern Suburbs of Perth. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or you can fill in our form page below and then our team will reach out to you soon.