Ceiling Terminology

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or just a curious enthusiast, this guide will help you navigate the diverse features and characteristics of ceilings. Our commitment to quality shines through as we provide you with valuable insights into the ceiling industry, ensuring you’re well-versed in all things related to ceiling terminology.



Acoustic Ceiling — Designed to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in a room.

Acoustic Ceiling Panel Types — Options for soundproofing your ceiling.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles — Sound-absorbing ceiling tiles for noise reduction.

Artex — A brand known for textured ceiling finishes and decorative patterns.


Battened Ceiling — A ceiling with visible timber or metal battens.

Battened Ceiling Finishes — Different treatments and colours for battened ceilings.

Battened Ceiling Pros and Cons — The advantages and disadvantages of battened ceilings.

Battens — Timber or metal strips used to support plasterboard or other ceiling materials.

Bulkhead — A lowered portion of the ceiling that creates a design feature or hides structural elements.

Bulkhead Ceiling — A lowered ceiling section used to define spaces or add visual interest.

Bulkhead Ceiling Benefits — Reasons to include bulkheads in your ceiling design.

Bulkhead Ceiling Design Ideas — Inspiration for incorporating bulkheads into your ceiling.

Bulkhead Ceiling Lighting — Fixtures and techniques for illuminating bulkhead ceilings.


Ceiling Art — Decorative paintings or designs on the ceiling add a unique touch.

Ceiling Fan — A fixture suspended from the ceiling that circulates air for cooling.

Ceiling Fan Installation — Steps and considerations for installing ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Styles — Various types and designs of ceiling fans.

Ceiling Grid — A system of metal tracks and cross tees used in suspended ceiling installations.

Ceiling Grid Accessories — Additional components to enhance your ceiling grid.

Ceiling Grid Installation — Guidelines for setting up suspended ceiling grids.

Ceiling Grille — A decorative grill often used for air vents or heating.

Ceiling Insulation — Material used to regulate temperature and sound in a room.

Ceiling Insulation Benefits — The advantages of insulating your ceiling.

Ceiling Insulation Installation — Instructions for adding insulation to your ceiling.

Ceiling Insulation Types — Various materials are used for insulating ceilings.

Ceiling Painting — The process of applying paint to the ceiling for a finished look.

Ceiling Rose — A decorative medallion often used to enhance the appearance of light fixtures.

Ceiling Rose Design — Various patterns and styles for decorative ceiling roses.

Ceiling Rose Installation — How to install decorative ceiling roses.

Ceiling Rose Styles — Various patterns and designs for ceiling roses.

Ceiling Speakers — Audio speakers are installed in the ceiling for a discreet sound system.

Ceiling Suspension Kit — Hardware for hanging lightweight fixtures from the ceiling.

Ceiling Texture Materials — Different substances are used for textured finishes.

Ceiling Texture Removal Tools — Equipment for removing textured finishes.

Ceiling Texture Removal — The process of eliminating textured finishes for a smooth ceiling.

Ceiling Texture Styles — Different textures and finishes for ceiling design.

Ceiling Texture — Various surface finishes are applied to the ceiling for decorative or acoustic purposes.

Ceiling Tile Adhesive — Glue used to secure ceiling tiles in place.

Coffered Ceiling Design — Different patterns and layouts for coffered ceilings.

Coffered Ceiling Dimensions — Measurements and proportions for coffered ceilings.

Coffered Ceiling Kit — Pre-made coffered ceiling components for easy installation.

Coffered Ceiling Lighting — Placement of lights within coffered ceiling panels.

Coffered Ceiling Material — The materials commonly used in coffered ceiling construction.

Coffered Ceiling — A series of recessed panels that add depth and dimension to the ceiling.

Cornice Moulding Styles — Various designs and profiles for cornices.

Cornice Moulding — Decorative moulding at the intersection of walls and ceilings.

Cornice — The decorative moulding that conceals the joint between the wall and ceiling.

Cove Lighting Design — Creative approaches to cove lighting in ceiling spaces.

Cove Lighting — Concealed lighting is installed in a recessed cove to create an ambient glow.

Cove Moulding — Decorative moulding is often used in conjunction with cove lighting.


Drop Ceiling: A type of suspended ceiling that is easy to install and allows access to utilities above.

Drop Ceiling Panels — Individual tiles or panels used in suspended ceiling systems.

Drop-in Ceiling Tile — Easy-to-install ceiling tiles placed within a grid system.

Dropped Ceiling — A suspended ceiling that is lower than the structural ceiling.

Drywall — Another term for plasterboard or gypsum board used in ceiling construction.

Drywall Ceiling Finish — Techniques for achieving a polished drywall ceiling.

Drywall Ceiling Repair — Steps to fix damage in drywall ceilings.

Drywall Ceiling Texture — Techniques for adding texture to drywall ceilings.


Fibrous Plaster — Decorative plasterwork is often used in ornate ceiling designs.

Fibrous Plaster Patterns — Ornate designs and motifs in fibrous plaster.

Flush Ceiling — A seamless ceiling with no visible joints or transitions.


Gyprock — A popular brand of plasterboard used in ceiling construction.


Light Trough — A recess or groove in the ceiling used for concealed lighting.

Light Trough Installation — Steps for adding a light trough to your ceiling.


Medallion — A decorative circular element often placed in the centre of the ceiling.

Medallion Design Ideas — Creative concepts for using ceiling medallions.


Open Ceiling Design — An architectural choice where structural elements are left exposed.


Pendant Ceiling — A type of suspended ceiling featuring hanging panels or tiles.

Popcorn Ceiling — A textured ceiling finish with a bumpy, popcorn-like appearance.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal — Steps to eliminate textured popcorn ceilings.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair — Steps to fix the damage on popcorn ceilings.


Raked Ceiling — An angled or sloped ceiling design, typically in vaulted or cathedral styles.

Raked Ceiling Advantages — Benefits of incorporating a sloped ceiling.

Raked Ceiling Lighting — Strategies for lighting sloped or raked ceilings.

Recessed Ceiling Panels — Panels set into a recess or groove in the ceiling.

Recessed Lighting — Light fixtures are installed flush with the ceiling for a clean, modern look.

Recessed Lighting Placement — Tips for positioning recessed lights in the ceiling.


Shadow Gap — A design detail where a small gap is left between the ceiling and the wall.

Shadow Line Ceiling — A design that features a shadow or recessed area at the perimeter.

Shadow Line Ceiling Application — How to achieve a clean shadow line effect.

Shadow Line Ceiling Variations — Different approaches to shadow line design.

Skim Coating — The process of applying a thin layer of joint compound to create a smooth finish.

Soffit — The underside of an architectural element, like an arch or eave, that forms part of the ceiling.

Soffit Types — Different forms of soffits are used in ceiling design.

Soundproof Ceiling — A ceiling designed to minimise the transmission of sound between rooms.

Suspended Ceiling — A secondary ceiling hung below the structural ceiling to conceal wires, pipes, and ductwork.

Suspended Ceiling Accessories — Additional components to enhance suspended ceilings.

Suspended Ceiling Components — Different parts of a suspended ceiling system.

Suspended Ceiling Maintenance — Tips for caring for suspended ceilings.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles — Tile options for suspended ceiling systems.

Suspended Grid — The metal framework that supports suspended ceilings.

Suspended Grid Installation — Instructions for setting up suspended ceiling grids.

Suspended Grid Types — Different materials and styles for grid systems.


Tray Ceiling — A recessed ceiling design that resembles an inverted tray.

Tray Ceiling Ideas — Creative concepts for designing tray ceilings.

Tray Ceiling Lighting — Fixtures and methods for illuminating tray ceilings.


V-Joint Ceiling — A ceiling with panels that have V-shaped grooves between them.

Vaulted Ceiling — A high, arched ceiling design that adds a sense of grandeur.

Vaulted Ceiling Considerations — Factors to keep in mind when working with vaulted ceilings.

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting — Fixtures and methods for illuminating vaulted ceilings.

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