Ceiling Cornice Repair

Ceiling Cornice Repair – Ceiling Cornices not only provide considerable aesthetic appeal to any ceiling but are of great importance and also provide considerable strength to the ceiling’s integrity.

Prior to any work, we examine the area of concern, for example, a partially attached or damaged cornice not only looks UN-appealing it also poses a safety risk, whilst cracked cornices could be an indicator of much bigger underlying issues with your ceiling.

Southern Ceiling Repairs offers premium ceiling cornice repair returning them to an “as new” condition, on the occasions when the integrity of the cornice is so poor we replace the whole unit with new, thereby ensuring that before we leave, your ceiling has the wow factor. Contact us now for your ceiling cornice repair or replacement need.

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What is Ceiling Cornice?

A ceiling cornice is a type of moulding, which runs along the top of the interior walls and sits in the joint between the wall and the ceiling. The aesthetic appeal that a cornice can provide, in addition to heat retention in the winter and heat reflection in the summer, must not be underestimated, and neither are the many strength benefits that it possesses for your ceiling.

There are several different styles of cornices, ranging from simple and functional to decorative and decadent when the right cornice is chosen for the right room, a simple cornice can make a big statement.

Cornice Repairs

Often when a ceiling gets damaged, so does the adjoining cornice. A compromised ceiling could mean a cracked or partially attached cornice, presenting both safety and aesthetic issues. Call Southern Ceiling Repairs, we are ceiling cornice repair experts and we will transform the damaged area of your home, office, or workspace into a place of beauty.