Plaster Ceiling Repair

Got problems with your plaster ceilings? We display pride in everything we do so you can be sure that we’ll always provide a high quality plaster ceiling repair service. We are completely focused on the job at hand, displaying the highest professional standards and ensuring your ceilings look amazing every day of the year. With our superior workmanship and innovative solutions, we make sure that all our plaster repair ceiling work is long lasting and is completed in a timely fashion. Contact us now on 0433 653 333

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We are the premium plaster repair ceiling and plasterboard ceiling repair company in Western Australia’s southwest serving happy customers in Denmark, Albany, Esperance, Mount Barker, Bunbury and towns all the way up to the northern suburbs of Perth. We are fully licenced and insured offering you complete peace of mind.

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What is a Plaster Ceiling

The most common material used in ceilings until around the mid 1950s was lath and plaster. Laths are thin strips of wood and they are usually nailed underneath the joists. Then plaster would traditionally be applied in three layers, the render layer, the floating coating and the setting layer. When plasterboard became widely available it surpassed the use of plaster in popularity but many houses still have plaster ceilings.

Problem with Plaster Ceilings

For better or for worse age affects everything, even your home. Older plaster ceilings tend to show signs of their age, often creating unsightly cracks throughout the ceiling collapse. These cracks are usually caused by fluctuations in temperature and moisture. These fluctuations cause the lath and plaster to shift.  Plaster is quite rigid, which means it only takes a slight movement in order to cause a gap.

Aging plaster can result in the plaster coating becoming loose. This can cause a sagging ceiling. If you notice a sag in your plaster the best thing to do is to use the palm of your hand to press upwards on the area. A spongy feel is a sign that repairs are necessary.

Luckily there is something that can be done about these conditions. With a little bit of work your ceiling can look brand new. Reach us now for all your plaster repair ceiling needs.

How We Work

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to repair plaster ceiling cracks or how to repair sagging plaster ceiling. We have a range of techniques to ensure that your home looks as good as new. It doesn’t matter why your ceiling is damaged, plaster ceiling repair is always possible. Whether it’s due to storm damage, cracked tiles, leaks or just old age we have a highly experienced team of professionals with advanced skills and knowledge who can help.

There are many ways to fix your ceiling which may vary depending on how much damage your plaster has undergone. Fom cutting out weak spots and repatching to propping up the ceiling and restrapping. Perhaps patching the holes will be all that’s necessary. Whatever the method used, we will ensure your ceiling is repaired to the highest standard with long lasting results.

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Why choose us?

With years of industry experience and a high level of professionalism we ensure top customer service and satisfaction.We offer free, no obligation quotes and we won’t be beaten in regards to reliability and affordability.You won’t believe how little plaster ceiling repair can cost. With the latest techniques and innovative solutions we can fix any imperfection on your ceiling doing whatever it takes to get a stunning ceiling. With fully transparent costs and processes, you can rely on our integrity.

We offer services all throughout the southwest portion of Western Australia serving the likes of  Denmark, Albany, Bunbury, Mount Barker, Esperance and all locations up to Perth’s northern suburbs. If you’re looking for the best way to repair your plaster ceiling give us a call on 0433 653 333.