Cost of Gyprock Installation

When it comes to renovating or building homes in Australia, Gyprock plasterboard is a go-to choice for many. If you’re considering this option, understanding the cost of Gyprock installation is crucial.

Average Gyprock Cost

Gyprock installation involves both material and labour costs.


Gyprock plasterboard cost varies depending on the type.

  • Gyprock plasterboard (regular) averages $10 per m2. This is for general use like living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Gyprock Aquachek averages $10–$12 per m2. This is for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Gyprock Soundchek averages $8–$10 per m2. This is for rooms where noise reduction is needed like home theatres, office rooms, conference rooms, music studios, etc. But also sometimes bedrooms and living rooms.


As for labour, the typical rate hovers around $50 per hour. Although, this can range between $40 and $80, reflecting the job’s complexity and your location.

Factors Influencing Gyprock Installation Costs

Several factors play a pivotal role in determining the overall cost of your Gyprock installation project. These include:

  • Location — Prices can vary significantly between city centres and regional areas.
  • Job Size — The cost differs if you’re plastering a single room versus an entire home.
  • Accessibility and Removal — Additional charges may apply for removing old plaster or accessing tight spaces.
  • Ceiling Installation — Since ceilings are generally more challenging to install than walls, they can incur higher costs.
  • Wall and Ceiling Styles — The height, style, and intricacies of your walls and ceilings can affect the price.
  • Windows and Doors — For wall plasterboard, extra work around windows and doors can increase labour hours and costs.

Furthermore, installing cornices, battens, or specific materials for wet areas or fire safety can add around 10% to 20% to your total expenses.

Gyprock Installation Costs Across Australian Regions

The cost of Gyprock installation varies across Australia.

  • In Western Australia, the rate is around $50/hr,
  • New South Wales averages close to $48/hr.
  • Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria generally see rates of about $45/hr.
  • The Australian Capital Territory often has the lowest rates, averaging approximately $35/hr.

It’s important to consider these regional differences when budgeting for your project.

cost of gyprock installation australia

Cost to Gyprock a Room (Simulation)

When planning to Gyprock a room, it’s essential to consider various factors that contribute to the overall cost. Let’s explore this through a simulation, breaking down the costs for a standard-sized room.

Scenario: Gyprocking a 4m x 5m Room

1. Room Dimensions

  • Room size: 4 meters (width) x 5 meters (length) x 2.5 meters (height).
  • Total wall area to cover: 2×(4×2.5)+2×(5×2.5) = 452×(4×2.5)+2×(5×2.5) = 45 square meters.
  • Ceiling area: 4 meters x 5 meters = 20 square meters.
  • Total Gyprock area: 45 square meters (walls) + 20 square meters (ceiling) = 65 square meters.

2. Material Costs

  • Assume using standard Gyprock plasterboard at $10 per square meter.
  • Total material cost: 65 square meters x $10 = $650.

3. Labour Costs

  • Average cost per hour: $50.
  • Estimated time to complete the job: 8 hours.
  • Total labour cost: 8 hours x $50 = $400.

4. Additional Costs

  • Removing old plaster or special requirements (e.g., intricate designs, working around windows) might increase costs.
  • For simplicity, let’s add an additional 10% for these complexities.
  • Additional costs: $650 + $400 x 10% = $105.

5. Total Estimated Cost

  • Material cost: $650
  • Labour cost: $400
  • Additional costs: $105
  • Total: $1155

This simulation provides a basic framework for estimating the cost of Gyprocking a room. However, actual costs can vary based on your specific situation, materials chosen, and local labour rates. Always consult a professional ceiling installer and get a more accurate quote.

Getting a Quote for Gyprock Installation

Remember, the lowest quote doesn’t always equate to the best value. Prioritize licensed, insured professionals known for quality work like Southern Ceiling Repairs.

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