Southern Ceiling Repairs offering a complete bespoke ceiling service, we can attend to all of your ceiling matters like sagging ceiling repairs, water damaged ceiling repairs, etc.

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Ceiling repairs, restoration and replacement

Ceiling repairs are an inevitable part of property ownership. At some stage in your ceiling’s life cycle, repairs will be required for sagging or another form of natural wear and tear. Shamefully not all ceiling fixers in Western Australia share the same pride, respect and ethics as Southern Ceiling Repairs reflecting in the longevity of the restoration. With this in mind we urge you to do your research before you choose Southern Ceiling Repairs and join our growing, delighted customer base.

Sagging ceiling occur because the ceiling board(s) detach themselves away from the ceiling joists. Whilst sagging ceilings are a natural step in the aging process of any building unfortunately a growing number or ceilings under 5 years of age are failing because of unprofessional installers who use substandard glues and screws. Southern Ceiling Repairs employs pride and ethics in all of its workings ensuring that all work is completed to the highest standard and your ceiling remains aesthetically pleasing and safe over the long term.

When it comes to a sagging ceiling, it’s best not to put it off. A sagging ceiling is your ceilings way of telling you that its structures are unstable and it’s time to have a professional ceiling fixer look at it. If you’re noticing the signs of a sagging ceiling, whether it’s a real estate, commercial or residential property, contact Southern Ceiling Repairs today.
We’ll send one of our experienced experts to your property as soon as possible to assess the severity of the situation and recommend a solution.

Ceiling restoration

We not only specialise in ceiling repairs, but ceiling restoration too. Our ceiling fixers can help with any wear and tear you’re unsatisfied with. Whether your ceiling is cracked, crumbling or loosened, or perhaps has water damage or a hole you would like covered up, call Southern Ceiling Repairs.

Ceiling Replacement & New Builds

In the unfortunate circumstance your ceiling has collapsed, Southern Ceiling Repairs can replace it. We not only repair ceilings but can also install new ceilings in buildings both new and old. In circumstances where a new ceiling is required, we can pull down the old ceiling and replace it with a brand new one, and because we’re a one-stop-shop, we can also take care of the required electrical work (disconnecting and installing lights) and painting the ceiling once it’s installed.

Why you should choose Southern Ceiling Repairs for all your ceiling repairs and restorations

Your ceiling is important to us, sadly we see other trades quality of work on a daily basis and it saddens and frustrates Southern Ceiling Repairs that society is prepared to accept 2nd best?

Having your ceiling or walls repaired can be stressful, Southern Ceiling repairs fully understands this, our fully trained staff employ pride in their work ensuring any work completed is accomplished right, first time, returning your ceiling to an “as new” condition and with the minimum amount of fuss and inconvenience to the customer. Every job has drop-sheets and plastic laid out to protect your assets and all rubbish is removed and disposed of legally. Finally the work area is cleaned prior to leaving. We offer the complete package, choose us and you decide which services suits your unique circumstances and we will deliver.