What to Do if Your Ceiling Has a Large Hole

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It is not often that we think about ceiling repairing – we usually wait until something goes wrong. Many people might not even notice cracks becoming wider or extending across the ceiling until it becomes urgent and you need the professionals to get involved with fixing the ceiling.

So what happens when you notice a large hole in your ceiling? Should you do the gyprock ceiling repairing yourself or should you enlist professional tradespeople to handle fixing the ceiling? This guide will explore the different kinds of holes that can occur in your ceiling and what you should do when it comes to fixing the ceiling.

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The following are some of the most common causes of holes in ceilings:

Termites, Rats, and Other Chewing Pests

Even the pests in Perth are used to heavy downpours. Rats, mice, and other creatures might move into your roof when flowing water disturbs their nests. A living creature may be living on your roof if there are bite marks in the corners. You should always have periodic termite inspections as well, for the pests that you cannot see.

Damage Caused by Water

Leaking water or plumbing leaks cause both primary and secondary roof damage in Perth. This not only attracts rats to your home but also puts a lot of strain on the drywall and roof supports in your ceiling. If you notice any spots of dark water or stains with standing water, have them examined right away. In case your ceiling’s structure has been compromised, you might want to leave the investigation to the professionals.

Substandard materials

If you have quality drywall installed in your home, you know that it will last a long time; however, if you bought a pre-owned home or didn’t participate in the building process, you may not have had the opportunity to inspect the materials used. Sheetrock or joint tape may deteriorate if little piles of sand are collecting on the floor or the ceiling appears to be crumbling. It must be replaced by a professional.

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