Warning Sign of Spontaneous Ceiling Collapse

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  1. My ceiling fell down, repair needed!
  2. What are ceiling collapse warning signs?
  3. Where can I find ceiling repair near me?
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I would like this part to say that many people don’t aware of the warning of a spontaneously ceiling collapse. Please tell that the ceiling collapse can cause serious injury for the family so prevention is a must if they are aware of their family safety. And tell that we can help their problem, we offer services around Bunbury, Albany, Esperance, Denmark, Western Australia. Many people aren’t aware of the warning signs of ceiling collapse that can point to a spontaneous ceiling collapse.  If you did know the signs, you could book in a ceiling damage repair to prevent serious damage to your home but more importantly serious injury to yourself and your family.

Ceiling crack repair and ceiling cornice repair is our specialty and we provide outstanding service at competitive pricing throughout the Bunbury, Albany, Esperance Denmark regions in Western Australia.

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My ceiling fell down, repair needed!

Warning Sign Of Spontageous Ceiling Collapse

A plaster ceiling falling down can occur for numerous reasons, most notably as a result of storms, leaks, heavyweights bearing down on the joists in the attic or roof, poor workmanship, and inadequate use of premium adhesive.

According to the following report by the Building Commission,> Compliance Report – Investigation into the gypsum plasterboard ceiling collapses five out of seven sights had problematic timber joints in the ceiling due to an inadequate amount of adhesive and its positioning.

What are ceiling collapse warning signs?

So how do you know if your ceiling is going to collapse?

There will usually be warning signs to alert you of a potential collapse. As soon as you see any of the below signs, we encourage you to seek out a ceiling damage repair specialist like us, straight away.

Signs include

  • ceiling cracking
  • Plasterboard sheeting beginning to sag
  • Cracks appearing on your ceiling
  • Blisters appearing in a line across the ceiling. This is a sign that the plasterboard sheeting is pulling away from the joist above.

If you are a landlord or manage a rental property, it is important to conduct a regular scan of the ceilings at every inspection.


Where can I find ceiling repair near me?

Here at Southern Ceiling Repairs we offer professional inspection and find the right ceiling damage repair solution.

Here are a few things you can do beforehand to help you understand the scope of the problem.

  • Measure ceiling height from where it meets the wall and also the ceiling height from the middle of the room. If there is a height variation of approx 12mm or more, this could be an indication that the plasterboard sheeting is detaching from the ceiling joists.
  • Place a spirit level over some of the ceiling sheeting to check for unevenness
  • If you are comfortable doing so, you can access your attic and see if you can spot a gap between the ceiling sheeting and joists. However, it is better to hire a qualified ceiling repair company to carry out the inspection.


Why choose southern ceiling repairs

If your ceiling fell down, repair needs to be immediate and that is where we come in. We offer a 24/7 365 service and will locate the source of damage and repair the affected area quickly and reliably.

We are fully licensed and insured and can undertake all ceiling repair, renovation, restoration, installation work, and insurance work.

Our experience, skills, outstanding customer service, and friendly team make us Western Australia’s premier leaders of ceiling repair. Contact us now and let us help you in repairing your damaged ceiling.


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