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skilled labour shortage in construction

There is currently a skilled labour shortage in Australia’s construction industry. This is having a flow-on effect on the wider economy, as skilled construction workers are in high demand and businesses are struggling to find suitably qualified staff. 

A new report from the Home Builders Institute (HBI) has found that the construction sector will need to create 740,000 new jobs every year just to keep up with demand. The organisation says that the current shortage of construction workers is weakening both housing supply and affordability. 

The skills shortage is being driven by several factors:

  • ageing workforce
  • increasing demand for construction services
  • declining in the number of people entering the construction industry

As a result, skilled construction workers are commanding higher wages. And businesses are having to invest more time and resources into recruiting and training staff. 

The skilled labour shortage in Australia’s construction industry is a major concern for businesses and policymakers. It is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

Finding Skilled Construction Workers in Perth Is Challenging

skilled construction workers

The construction industry in Perth is booming. However, this has created a demand for skilled construction workers that the city is struggling to meet.

The shortage of construction workers has driven up wages and made it difficult for construction companies to find the staff they need. As a result, many construction projects are being delayed or cancelled altogether.

The shortage of construction workers is also having an impact on the economy, as it is forcing construction companies to increase their prices. This is making it difficult for people to afford new homes and businesses. 

The construction worker shortage is a complex problem that is having a ripple effect throughout the city of Perth. Construction companies need to find ways to attract and retain skilled construction workers if they want to keep the construction industry in Perth thriving.

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