How to Deal With Water Damaged Ceiling

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The ceiling is among the sections of our houses which we tend to ignore in most cases. It is because at times you might be too busy with other commitments like work and education that you end up ignoring them completely. Moreover, in most cases, the ceiling damage is always gradual and therefore by the time you notice that the ceiling is damaged, it might be too late. Water is always the primary causative agent of damage to ceilings. Once water starts getting through your room, or a piping system on your roof starts leaking, it is always obvious that a water damaged ceiling is what you will end up having. Reach our friendly team today for more information.

Signs of a water damaged ceiling

In order to get your water damaged ceiling repaired as soon as possible, there are several signs that you need to look out for. Some of the signs of a water damaged ceiling include;

  • Odor; you will always start noticing a bad odor in your house if your ceiling has been damaged by water. In most cases, the ceilings made from wood always start to smell as soon as water from rain, leaking pipes or roof gets in contact with it.
  • Discoloration of the ceiling; due to the accumulation of water in the ceiling for a long time, the color of the ceiling starts changing. In most cases, the ceiling develops brown spots which destroy the aesthetic appearance of the ceiling.
  • Peeling off of the wall surfaces; once water accumulates in the ceiling, the ceiling gets completely damaged. Consequently, the water damages the surfaces of the walls adjacent to the ceiling and thus making the surface of the walls to peel off.
  • Failure to repair your water damaged ceiling might not only cost you a new room but also destroys the luxury of your home. In addition to this, at adverse levels, the damaged ceiling also ends upwater damage ceiling - Water Damaged Ceilings & Walls Repair Bunbury - Water Damaged Ceilings & Walls Repair Albany

How to deal with water damaged ceiling

A water damaged ceiling can get really ugly, considering the smell that comes along with the dampness. Water damages the ceiling entirely and thus ends up degrading the value of the ceiling as well as other construction materials around the house if you keep ignoring the problem. Southern Ceiling Repairs is recognised as Western Australia’s Number 1 ceiling installer and Ceiling repairs at affordable prices. We are focused on your ceilings with the upmost professional quality, service and innovative solutions making your ceilings looking fantastic and safe 24/7, 365 days a year. The cost of repairing a water damaged ceiling depends on several factors like the size of the room that needs repair and the extent of the damage on the ceiling. Perils are quite unpredictable; you may come back home from work only to find a sagging ceiling in your room. Such unexpected perils call for advanced measures.



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