How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Gyprock Plaster Ceiling?

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One of the most common questions our staff receive is “how much does it cost for plaster ceiling repair near me?”. This will depend on a range of factors. Including how many rooms need plaster repair on the ceiling and the extent of the damage that will require.

The average ceiling repair cost can vary between around $30/m2 to $55/m2. It is based on the kind of repair methods. It will also depend on:

  • How bad is the damage?
  • How many ceilings will need plaster repair?
  • Whether the ceiling cracks can actually be repaired or not?

In most cases, ceiling repairment is a far more economical option. As it only costs around a third of the price as a total ceiling replacement.

But for some cases, it is way cheaper to replace your plaster ceilings rather than try to repair them. For example, a repair can only require paper over the cracks. However, you will require further repair work in the near future.

Our team will always be honest and transparent, offering you the best advice for your situation. If plaster repair for your ceilings is the right option, that is what we will recommend. But if a ceiling replacement is not your option, then we will advise you to take up this course of action.

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Quality Gyprock Ceiling That Can Last Up to 50 Years

You will get a full warranty on all work and materials used. And you can expect up to 50 years more life when you choose our team of experts.

Unless there are major structural issues, the team at Southern CR can offer long-term plaster for residents in all suburbs and regions of Perth.

There are many other benefits as well. You won’t need to remove all of your furniture. There will be far less debris and mess compared to a plaster ceiling replacement.

Our team will ensure that all waste and mess is removed from your home or business when we leave so all that will be left will be your new ceiling. On most occasions, only the ceiling will need painting as well – not your walls.

Contact Southern CR For a Free Assessment and Quote

If you have noticed any cracks or damage to your ceiling, give our team a call. We are certified and fully-insured experts. We have with plenty of professional experiences with:

  • sagging ceiling
  • water damaged ceiling
  • ceiling crack

On service includes maintenance, installation, fix or patch any problem areas you may have.

Give us a call on 0433 653 333 and we will arrange for a member of our team to come to your premises for an immediate assessment and quote.

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