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Are your ceilings in need of repair? No matter the reason, Our team at Southern Ceiling Repair are here to help you. We offer high quality plaster ceiling repair which is always made to last. We value your time so we don’t leave you waiting and complete all repairs in a timely fashion.If you need help with your ceiling, from plaster ceilings to gyprock ceilings in Albany , Bunbury, Denmark and other areas in Australia’s southwest, give us a call and we can help you out.

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Is Your Ceiling About to Collapse?

A damaged ceiling isn’t something you should put off doing.It’s important to spot the warning signs because, in the worst case scenario, this could lead to the roof caving in and the entire ceiling needing replacement. One such sign is if you’ve noticed your ceiling begin to sag. This isn’t just an aesthetic problem but could actually damage the structural integrity of your ceiling. Replacement is a lot more expensive that simple repairs so it’s best to get something like a sagging ceiling looked at as soon as possible.

We’ve worked with many damaged ceilings so we know what to look for. We aim to identify and fix the cause of the problem not just the ceiling itself. Whether there are potential condensation problems or there’s a structural issue, we make sure that the root cause is addressed

What Types of Ceilings Do we Fix?

We have experience fixing ceilings of all kinds. Plaster ceiling repair is very common as most homes that were built before the 60s have lath and plaster ceilings. Throughout the 60s and 70s plasterboard became more prevalent and these days Gyprock is the most common material used in ceilings. As such we have had to work with these different materials and have ample experience identifying and fixing the issues that are common for each.

We offer a complete service for your ceilings, whether it’s a gyprock ceiling, plaster and lath, hardiflex or plaster-glass. We can repair sagging, replace old, damaged ceilings and can complete new installations and cornice work.

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Let Us Secure Your Home

So don’t waste any more time and call us out to help. We specialise in ceiling repairs Bunbury, Esperance, Albany as well as many areas in the southwest, servicing all areas up to Perth and the surrounding suburbs. We offer a high quality plaster ceiling repair service

We are trained professionals and we’ll be able to assess the water damage to your home and offer expert advice and solutions based on your unique circumstance.

If you’re worried that your ceiling might be damaged give us a call today on 0433 653 333 and find out how we can help you today.



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