Ceiling Roses   

What is a Ceiling Rose?

Fashionable once again, Ceiling roses are decorative mouldings and have been used for their decoration purposes throughout the decades. Traditionally used in the centre of the ceiling, to highlight and add to the effect of the light fitting. Usually installed in rooms with high ceilings and within homes with decadent design styles. Ceiling roses are quite heavy and as a result they need to be drilled and screwed to ceiling timbers. It is a difficult DIY task, and this is where we come in, at Southern Ceiling Repairs we specialize in plaster ceiling rose installations. If your property has never had a ceiling rose or you are looking at replacing and unattractive damaged one, read below for more information.

What are ceiling roses made form?

Ceiling roses are generally crafted from plaster but there are some newer options available. A ceiling rose is generally round in shape, you can choose from a large range of designs such as traditional, modern or art deco, and they can be simple or extremely ornate.


Ceiling Roses - Ceiling Roses Perth | Southern Ceiling Repairs Ceiling Roses - Ceiling Roses Perth | Southern Ceiling Repairs Ceiling Roses - Ceiling Roses Perth | Southern Ceiling Repairs  Ceiling Roses - Ceiling Roses Perth | Southern Ceiling Repairs

Choosing the right size

There is no hard and fast rule here, but it is important the proportions are right for both the room size and the ceiling height. Homes with low ceilings are better off with small, plain ceiling roses. Homes with high ceilings can accommodate a much larger or more ornate ceiling rose. As a general rule of thumb, the rose shouldn’t overpower the light fitting itself – i.e the diameter of the rose shouldn’t be larger than the diameter of the chandelier.

Styles of ceiling roses

They come in a wide variety of styles, from plain, flat circles to huge, ornate affairs. The style you choose will largely depend on your existing décor and any existing decorative features. With a huge variety on offer, it should be easy to find a match to the existing decoration of your home. If you live in a period home and you want to be as faithful as you can to your home’s past, look at the existing coving or cornicing of the room to help you decide. Alternatively, a more modern home with no decorative plasterwork and a blank canvas can give you a lot more freedom as to what style to choose.

Alternative uses of ceiling roses

Believe it or not, a ceiling rose doesn’t always have to be fitted to the ceiling. For a grand foyer entrance, they can be fitted to a feature wall around wall candelabras or as part of a feature combines with panel mouldings.  Ceiling roses Bunbury don’t have to be fitted in living rooms, a bathroom ceiling rose can give a luxe feel to your guest bathroom.

Installing ceiling roses

As mentioned above, they are quite heave and depending on the style you choose they can get quite large in diameter. DIY Installation although doable, without the proper technique and experience, it can be a disaster.  You will be surprised by how inexpensive installation can be. Trust us with the ceiling roses Albany installation for an amazing finish where you will never be able to tell that the ceiling rose is an addition but to look like it has always been a part of the ceiling.

Why choose us?

Our extensive experience in the ceiling repair industry, to include gyprock ceiling repairs and plasterboard ceiling repairs has us installing ceiling roses on almost daily basis. We can fit ceiling roses in both new and existing ceilings. Our professional team is happy to offer their expert opinion on designs and styles available to you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. To add that wow factor to your home, get in touch with us.